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3 Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of ANXIETY DISORDERS

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HOW TO OVERCOME ANXIETY DISORDERS without medication? LEARN natural anxiety remedies that work!

What do you understand by the term anxiety? Anxiety is a mental illness and is experienced by many humans due to various reasons. In most cases people take the help of natural remedies for anxiety. People feel tensed and nervous when they face problems at work, financial issues and domestic complications. Anxiety causes stress and prevents a person from leading a peaceful life. It affects a number of people around the world. Most anxiety starts in childhood and early adulthood. It is also experienced more by women than by men. I’m sure we all want to know how to get rid of anxiety don’t we? In such cases one should resort to home remedies for anxiety disorders or attacks. 

We come across different kinds of anxiety disorders. One of them is the Panic disorder. People who suffer from this problem are overcome by sudden fear, accompanied by profuse sweating, chest pain and palpitations. The Social anxiety disorder is another example, wherein a person feels extremely self conscious about himself when in a social gathering. He or she may feel nervous about being judged or ridiculed by others. Specific phobias are related to particular animals or situations. For instance, a person may greatly fear snakes, heights or plane journeys.

General anxiety disorder caused due to general situations or worries. Sufferers usually expect the failures and disasters that may lead to cause fear which is blown out of proportion.  Social Anxiety Disorder is characterized by a fear of being negatively judged by other people. Individuals may have a fear of public embarrassment due to impulsive actions. Examples of such a disorder are stage fright, a fear of intimacy, and a fear of humiliation. This disorder can cause people to avoid public situations and human contact to the point that normal life is rendered impossible. Make sure that you do not get too stressed out which can lead to anxiety. Meditation does help many people to keep the mind calm.
Today’s generation is over loaded with a number of activities that keep them busy throughout the day. Such people should try out some soothing home remedies that are available in the kitchen.

Stylecraze presents time tested, natural anxiety remedies for your health and beauty concerns along with some handy tips.

It is important to know how to get rid of anxiety. There are some very effective home remedies for anxiety, which can definitely reduce any kind of mental stress a person is going through. Let’s take a look at some of the natural home remedies for anxiety listed below and lead a stress free life:

Home Remedy 1: 

Step 1: Soak 10 raw almonds overnight in water to soften then peel off the skins. 
Step 2: Put almonds in a blender with 1 cup warm milk, a pinch of ginger, and a pinch of nutmeg. 
Step 3: Drink at night to help you relax before going to bed. This is the first natural remedy for anxiety.

Home Remedy 2:

Step1: Add 1/3 cup baking soda and 1/3 cup ginger to a nice warm bath. 
Step 2: Soak in the tub for 15 minutes to relieve tension and anxiety. 

Home Remedy 3: 

Step 1: Take 1 Teaspoon honey and a pinch of nutmeg.
Step 2: Now mix them into 1 cup orange juice and drink. This is one of the best home remedies for panic attacks. Do try it out in the comfort of your homes.

These are some simple ways that will show you how to reduce anxiety the natural way. Hope you feel better soon!

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Herbal remedies for anxiety utilize chamomile, ashwaganda and lavender, which can all be applied topically in the form of a lotion or toner to calm the body. Find calming herbs to alleviate anxiety with health advice from a professional wellness consultant in this free video on natural remedies.

Herbal Remedy For Depression | ANXIETY, STRESS & PANIC ATTACKS

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Financial concerns impacting your health? This may help➜ ➜ ➜


In this video we ask the question is herbal remedy for depression, anxiety, stress and panic attacks possible. We outline 10 home remedies that are known to help. Herbal remedy is something that many people ask us about, so watch this video now!


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Our main focus is to provide simple, natural home remedy and herbal cures for everyday infections and problems. We also look at the benefits of eating nutritional whole foods to improve the overall health of the body and the importance of exercise.


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10 natural remedies for helping anxiety and stress

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Stress and anxiety are at an all-time high. Many natural remedies can work well for people and come with actual health benefits and few to no adverse side effects. This list may just have the one thing in it that can make a difference.

Relaxation: Mindfulness based stress reduction
Time management: Pomodoro method, Eat That Frog
Herb tea:
Time with animals:

5 natural remedies for common menopause symptoms

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Kick your menopause symptoms to the curb with these all-natural remedies, presented by Holistic Nutritionist Andrea Donsky. Click here for more info:

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Dr. Jewel Kling, a women’s health expert, shares nonhormonal treatment options for menopause symptoms.

This interview originally aired July 27, 2019.

Learn more about menopause symptoms:
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HOW TO GET RID OF A HEADACHE without medicine? TRY home remedies for instant HEADACHE RELIEF.

Another term for a headache is cephalalgia. The pain is experienced anywhere in the head or neck. Headaches are one of the most common ailments, which affect most people. They can affect anyone. Age, race and gender are not the criteria. Now we all want to know how to get rid of a headache don’t we? There are many natural headache remedies available for you to try out.

Usually people complain of tension headaches, cluster headaches and migraines. Children also have headaches. Among boys, headaches are common before puberty. Grown up women are more prone to headaches than men.

Symptoms of headaches: 
Symptoms that can occur with a headache are many, depending on various reasons. 

To name a few, we can take into consideration nausea, vomiting, excess of noise, fever and neck pain. Other serious symptoms include difficulty in walking, speaking and extreme drowsiness. 

Causes of Headaches: 

Headaches can occur due to many reasons. Given below are a few examples: 

1. The Tension headache is the most common type of headache. It feels like a tight band of pressure around the head. Also muscle tightness in the head, neck or jaw can be felt due to physical or emotional stress.

2. Dental problems: Decay of the teeth, dental abscesses and post-extraction infection can cause bad headaches. In such cases treatment is a must. 

3. Food: Irregular blood-sugar levels, can lead to a throbbing sensation in the head, commonly caused due to excessive consumption of coffee or tea. Preservatives added to food such as monosodium glutamate is also another factor. Certain foods may not suit a specific person or people. Hence they are prone to headaches. 

4. Eye problems: Eye problems such as long sightedness and glaucoma give rise to headaches too. 

How to get rid of a headache is the question. Well, think no further. Here we are! 
Please watch our video on natural remedies for headaches. They are simple to prepare and are excellent pain relievers. 
Do you often experience headache & looking for choices for zapping the pain? CHECK OUT this video to know 4 helpful HOME REMEDIES to get rid of HEADACHE. @
Common symptoms of headaches could be an allergy, emotional stress, eye strain, high blood pressure, a hangover, infection, low blood sugar, nutritional deficiency, tension, or the presence of poisons or toxins in the body.

Headaches can be avoided by exercise, a healthy diet, proper sleep and rest. Most importantly, natural headache remedies are effective pain relievers, which can work wonders! We do have a few of them in our video. So keep going. 

Let us go through some natural remedies for Headache: – 

Lemon juice As Headache Remedy: The juice of three to four slices of lemon should be squeezed in a cup of tea and taken by the patient for treating this condition. Applying the yellow, freshly pared-off rind of a lemon to each temple also gives relief.

Cinnamon For Headache Remedy: A fine paste of cinnamon can be prepared by mixing it with water and applied over the temples and forehead to obtain relief.

Cloves For Headache Remedy: Crush a few cloves, wrap them in a napkin and inhale them throughout the day. Alternatively, you could also make a paste at home and apply it generously on your forehead to relieve the pain.

Tea As Headache Remedy: Tea for headache! Yes, we all want a cup of hot tea when we have a headache. Drop a few basil leaves in a boiling cup of water, add some lemon and honey and sip away on the herbal tea, which provides you relief.

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Today I want to show you how to get rid of a migraine quickly using a simple ingredient that you probably already have in your pantry! This is the best home remedy for migraines and tension headaches that I have ever tried. Remember, this is not medical advice or a substitute for a professional medical consultation. Please see a doctor if you have issues with migraines and headaches…

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Recipe by Cooking With Plants – Anja Cass

Enjoy xx






INSTAGRAM: @cookingwithplants

I have lost over 50 pounds and reversed heart issues. A plant based lifestyle has totally changed my life and brought back my health, energy and vitality! The journey all started when I watched the movie Forks Over Knives – to get your own copy of this life changing dvd, visit my affiliate page on Amazon if interested at And I also read The China Study:

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Cure Toothache With Garlic: Works Best | Homeveda Remedies

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Bacteria in the mouth acts on the sugar, which comes as part of diet, and converts it into acid
The acid causes tooth decay and pain


Consuming food rich in carbohydrates and sugar like colas, candies, cakes, etc
Consuming hot and cold food together
Broken tooth
Gum diseases


Sharp and shooting pain around the inflamed tooth and the surrounding area
Pain while chewing spoils the appetite
Pain in tooth disturbs sleep


Take 1 tsp crushed garlic
Add 1/4 tsp black salt
Mix well
Apply directly on the affected tooth using cotton
Place the cotton carefully on the tooth
Avoid contact with gums


Take 2 cups water in a vessel
Add 8-10 guava leaves
Bring it to boil
Remove from the heat
Let it cool down to room temperature
Add some salt to taste
Use this as a mouthwash after meals







These remedies are based on the principles of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing, and are completely natural, non-invasive, and can be prepared at home. Consult your doctor if the symptoms persist. Refer to the terms of use on our website
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How to treat a toothache in 5 minutes.

For fast relief you can get cloves at the grocery store in the seasoning aisle or you can purchase on Amazon here (along w/ other holistic dental care options I use):

Cloves –
Clove Oil –
Coconut Oil –
Neem Toothpaste –

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How To Cure Constipation Naturally | Easy Constipation Remedies At Home! | The Health Space

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If you suffer from constipation and want to learn natural ways to get rid of it, just watch this video as our wellness expert helps you with your problems with simple solutions.

Our Health and wellness expert Srishti Vasandani will be helping you manage your health through nutrition and age-old natural remedies. Reserve your ‘Health Space’ every Thursday only on Mind Body Soul.

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Constipation is one of the most common digestive problems in the world, affecting more than 2.5 million people every year in the united states alone. Most people think constipation means not having frequent enough bowel movements. In reality, constipation is more complicated and more subtle than that, with a range of symptoms that you may not always recognize.




In this video we will talk about the most common reasons why constipation occurs and the three simple steps that you can do to prevent and treat constipation. We will also discuss about lifestyle modifications that help to relieve constipation and we will also talk about some home remedies as well as foods you should avoid to prevent constipation.

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How to Lower Blood Pressure Quickly & Naturally, No Side Effects!

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How to Lower Blood Pressure Quickly & Naturally, No Side Effects!

“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: How to Lower Blood Pressure Quickly & Naturally, No Side Effects!

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5 Adaptogens for Anxiety + Depression | Holistic Herbal Remedies

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5 Adaptogens for Anxiety + Depression | Holistic Herbal Remedies

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Alternative Medicine for Anxiety

Alternative medicine for anxiety. That’s what I talk about in this video.

Here are 5 drugs that are known to be used for anxiety.
1. Chamomile
2. Kava
3. L-theonine
4. Valerian

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Top 8 Herbs For Anxiety and Depression

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Discover the forgotten power of plants with Nicole Apelian –The Lost Book Of Remedies :
Continuously dealing with anxiety as well as stress can be destructive to your lifestyle. The demand for efficient all-natural supplements to eliminate anxiousness symptoms is more than ever before. In addition to aiding with anxiety and stress, numerous wellness solutions are recognized to have various other favorable advantages. I have actually put together a list of eight effective natural herbs as an anxiety as well as stress solution.

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6 Natural Remedies For Anxiety [That Actually Work]

👉 The BEST Natural Resource I Have Ever Used –
👉 The Lost Book Of Natural Remedies –
👉 Natural Remedies For Everything! –

Hi guys, today I’m going to be showing you six natural remedies that will help you with your anxiety without any side effects.

My name is paul and in this video I’m going to show you some natural remedies for anxiety that work really well without having any adverse side effects. If you’re struggling with anxiety or are just interested in trying out these remedies, then stay tuned because they could change your life forever!

Many people suffer from chronic stress and anxiety. They face symptoms such as nervousness, agitation, tension, a racing heart, and chest pain.

In fact, anxiety is among one of the most common mental health issues. More than 18 percent of adults are affected by anxiety disorders each year.

While medications to treat these anxiety conditions can often be an important component in the management of anxiety, there is also many natural, do-it-yourself techniques that can help calm you down, either in place of medications or as a supplement to them.

Many of those who suffer from anxiety don’t seek treatment for it, in part because they don’t want to take medication. However, there are a number of natural remedies for anxiety that can make a significant difference.

1. Exercise.
2. Meditation.
3. Relaxation exercises.
4. Writing.
5. Time management strategies.
6. Aromatherapy.

And that was 6 natural remedies for anxiety that actually work.

Do you know of any more?

Thanks for watching todays video, we hope you enjoyed it?

Check out the links in the description for the best natural remedies I have ever used.

And here are some other videos you may like to watch.


#NaturalRemediesForAnxiety #RemediesForAnxiety #Anxiety

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