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DIY FLY Trap to Get Rid of Flies and Fruit Fly

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These two DIY traps are very effective in getting rid of common flies and fruit fly. First trap is made with vinegar and the second trap is made with active dry yeast.

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Monsoon is here, which means flies are here as well so in this video I will share 10-amazing non-toxic ways to get rid of house flies from your house so that you can relax and enjoy this rainy weather without worrying about these little stinkers attacking your home.
If you use any 2 combination of hacks I guarantee you that your home will be fly free!

1. Cinnamon fumes
2. Phynyl mopping
3. Lemon counter cleaner
4. Cloves natural repellent
5. Plastic bags
6. Small amount of Oil
7. Camphor / Karpur Fumes
8. Red Chilly powder spray
9. Tulsi or Mint plant
10. Neem oil fly spray
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7 Home Remedies For Killing House Flies

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7 Home Remedies For Killing House Flies

7 Home Remedies For Killing House Flies. Grab your Home Remedies & Cures Guide for over 100 Ailments for Free here:

And in today’s video I will show you 7 home remedies for killing house flies.

House flies are about ¼-inch long and gray.

We all know how much of a nuisance, they can be.

They lay their eggs on animal feces, garbage, and in rotting organic material like food etc.

There are many safe and easy ways to prevent house flies from getting out of hand.

Here are # home remedies for killing house flies that you can put to use.

#1 Water-filled Plastic Bags

Alright, plastic bags aren’t exactly natural, but this widely-used method is still great for keeping house flies away from your home in the first place.

It works because water distorts the fly’s vision and produces reflections that cause it to become disoriented.

Here is what you need to do for this method.

1. Fill gallon-sized plastic bag half full of water.

2. Make sure the tops are zipped, tied, or rubber-banded.

3. Hang them in doorways and other entry points in your house.

4. Some people put pennies inside to refract more light.

#2 Fly Home Remedy Vinegar and Dish Soap.

A mixture of vinegar and dish soap can help you trap flies.

To use this method, mix about an inch of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap in a tall glass.

Cover the glass with plastic wrap.

Secure the plastic wrap with a rubber band and poke small holes in the top.

Flies will be attracted to the vinegar in the glass and will fly through the holes.

However, the dish soap causes the flies to sink instead of being able to land on the vinegar.

#3 Cayenne Pepper and Water.

Yes, Cayenne pepper can help repel houseflies.

Mix it with water and spray around the house to deter flies from coming in.

Note with this, please be careful if you have pets just keep them in mind when using this home remedy for house flies.

#4 Venus Flytrap.

Yes, the good old Venus Flytrap is still around and kicking.

Venus flytraps are carnivorous plants that eat insects.

If you plant them outside, they’ll naturally eat flies.

Inside, you might need to feed the plant flies.

When a fly gets in the plant’s trap, it closes around the fly.

It then secretes digestive, fluid to dissolve the insect’s soft insides.

#5 Clove Repellent.

Cloves give us a pleasant aroma, but house flies can’t stand the scent.

Mix cloves with lemon to create a super-powered home remedy fly repellent.

First cut a lemon in half.

Then insert 6-12 cloves into each lemon half so that the bud ends stick out.

Leave them on a plate in the middle of the table or counter.

This home remedy works great for outdoor meals or picnics as well.

#6 Lavender Oil.

It also repels black flies, fleas, greenflies, black beetles, and white flies, and it protects against bites from mosquitoes and other insects too.

Here is the process for this house fly home remedy.

First pour ½ to 1 cup of lavender oil in a bowl.

Then dip a sponge or cloth into the oil.

Place the cloth or sponge in a container and cover it with the lid.

Then leave it for 24 hours.

Remove the lid and place the container in a fly-infested area.

Re-soak the cloth or sponge as needed.

Cover and store when not in use.

Please note that undiluted lavender oil can cause allergic reactions in some people.

#7 Lemon Grass Spray.

Here is what you will need to do for this method.

Pour 10-12 drops lemongrass essential oil into a spray bottle.

Add ¼ cup of hot water, put the lid on the bottle, and shake it well.

Spray the mixture on door and window frames.

If you are quick on the spray draw, feel free to spray house flies when you see them flying in your house.

By keeping your house clean, especially free from food waste, you can help prevent a housefly infestation.

Okay, well, I hope you enjoyed today’s video on 7 Home Remedies For Killing House Flies.

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