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Looking for the best organic fertilizer? You are in luck 🍀! Our experts in gardening tried and tested 👩‍🔬 the best fertilizers for plants and came up with the top 8 organic and natural options.
In this video, we’ll teach you how to make banana fertilizer and show you how to use other useful things that you likely already have in your kitchen to help your plants grow 🌱. Here’s what we have for you:
➡organic banana peel 🍌 fertilizer
➡citrus peels 🍊 organic fertilizer
➡how to use coffee grounds ☕ as fertilizer
➡homemade fertilizer with ash
➡simple liquid fertilizer with sugar 🍬
➡miracle grow fertilizer with yeast
➡tea 🍵 homemade fertilizer
➡how to make fertilizer with succinic acid

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00:02 – organic banana peel fertilizer
00:45 – citrus peels organic fertilizer
01:19 – how to use coffee grounds as fertilizer
01:29 – homemade fertilizer with ash
01:48 – simple liquid fertilizer with sugar
02:09 – miracle grow fertilizer with yeast
02:47 – tea homemade fertilizer
03:15 – how to make fertilizer with succinic acid
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