Internal Heat Treatment and Causes

Internal Heat Treatment and Causes video looks at :
1. How the body gathers and accumulates heat
2. What makes the body lose control and develop excess internal heat
3. What are the types of internal heat and how are they different?
4. What are the causes of internal heat
5. What are Internal Heat treatment tips you can use at home?

Learn how the Hypothalamus regulates our body temperature to control whether we feel hot or cold; what could change the way the hypothalamus works; or what could affect the control mechanisms the body naturally uses.

Also, we talk about some of the conditions that could mess up heat regulation and so cause the sensation of #internalheat, and some #internalheattreatments you could use to maintain some degree of comfort.

We clarify that internal heat is NOT a medical symptom of any ONE health problem so it’s important to explore each person’s symptoms carefully to find out the CAUSE and TREATMENT.
Speak to your Doctor about any health concern.

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