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5 FAST GROWING INDOOR PLANTS | + how to grow plants fast

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build your houseplant empire FASTER with these super fast growing houseplants. they might take over your home but we both know that’s not an area for concern. the fertilizer i mention is linked below!

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Monstera Deliciosa
Philodendron Micans
Tradescantia Zebrina
Spider Plant
Syngonium Podophyllum Albo-Variegatum

organic potting soil:
organic perlite:
peat moss:
mosquito bits:

general indoor fertilizer:
orchid fertilizer (I use this on my hoyas!):
succulent/cacti fertilizer:

moisture meter:
pest control:
white 2ft long grow lights:
red/blue grow lights with auto timer:
white terra cotta pots:
spaghnum moss:

onion prod. by lukerembo

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How To Make Weed Plants Grow Faster

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how to make weed plants grow faster

Time Stamp for Video:
(00:23) : Practical Tips For Faster Indoor Grows
(00:38) : Grow Auto Flowering Cannabis
(01:13) : Take Photoperiod Strains Straight To Flower
(01:45) : Veg With Lights On 24 Hours A Day
(02:15) : Give Your Cannabis Plants Less Than 12 Hours Of Light Per Day During Bloom
(02:37) : Consider Switching To Hydro

(03:01) : Tips For Faster Outdoor Grows
(03:16) : Cover Outdoor Plants To Force Bloom
(03:30) : Pollinate Late, Harvest Early
(03:54) : Selection of Seed Is Important

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How To Grow Weed playlist:

– how to grow mogra plant in pot | grow jasmine complete guide – you can try and implement on your plants to make them grow faster healthier stronger and better yielding. today am really excited to share some knowledge with an experiment and hack to grow plants faster than usual. how to make indoor weed plants grow faster
how to make my pot plants grow faster
weed strains
cannabis strain
pot strain
auto flower strain
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Just look at these incredible plants, which you can easily grow in your own kitchen!

Find out how to grow an exotic pineapple, celery, grass in the eggshells, make natural homemade coffee fertilizer.

Pay special attention to the plants that should be in every home such as: aloe vera, the best plant for the bedroom, unlike others, it provides the room with oxygen at night;
decorative lemon tree, its leaves contain 85 substances that help clean the air in the room;
chlorophytum, this large, vigorous plant can clean 3 cubic meters of air;
ficus, it enriches the room with oxygen, humidifies the air and neutralizes toxins;
rosemary, its phytoncides have a beneficial effect on people suffering from illnesses of the upper airways;
pelargonium, it produces a substance that has a calming effect and helps to deal with stress and insomnia.

I’ll also share with you some hacks on how to create clay pot garden lighthouse and plant hangers from the old T-shirts!

Let’s get started! 🙂

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2:28 Plants that should be in every home
3:15 Plant hangers from the old T-shirts
4:56 Clay pot garden lighthouse
6:25 Best planter I’ve ever seen

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00:09 How to grow aloe vera
00:28 How to grow tomato
01:09 How to grow cucumber

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Grow Plants Faster with this – Proven Scientific Method | Mycorrhizae

Todays topic of discussion is grow plants faster and healthier – 200 times faster. What are these plant tablets and plant powder that can actually accelerate plant growth. We will quickly learn some scientific concepts of this and will also demonstrate on how to use these for your plants for a variety of purposes including rooting your plants cuttings successfully, using this stuff. And an interesting quiz question at the end of the video.

We will start with the term – MYCORRHIZA (that’s a Greek word mycos, “fungus”, and rhiza, “root”). It is a Symbiotic association (mutually beneficial – symbiosis is a process of mutual benefit) between a fungus and the roots of a plant.
We will look into a simple explanation to biology of mycorrhiza fertilizer – actually not a fertilizer. Watch Video for Details.

How to use mycorrhiza tablets and powder for plant growth and also how to use it as a Rooting Hormone powder to root your stem cuttings in cloning process.

BUY ONLINE – visit our website at
1. Plant Tablets or Root Tablets
2. VAM powder containing these mycorrhizae.

To Summarize: Mycorrhizal fungi make plants stronger and healthy, increasing the yields, increasing flowering and fruiting, make them drought tolerant, reduce fertilizer and water usage, protect plant against harmful pathogens in soil, improve soil quality and drainage system, Increase tolerance to soil PH changes and many other benefits.

mycorrhiza, mycorrhizae, growplantsfaster, growplantfaster, plantgrowth, fertilizer



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Easy and free fertilizer for any plants | Banana peel fertilizer

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Best natural fertilizer for all plants , Homemade compost fertilizer , Organic compost for any plants , Best liquid fertilizer
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Looking for the best organic fertilizer? You are in luck 🍀! Our experts in gardening tried and tested 👩‍🔬 the best fertilizers for plants and came up with the top 8 organic and natural options.
In this video, we’ll teach you how to make banana fertilizer and show you how to use other useful things that you likely already have in your kitchen to help your plants grow 🌱. Here’s what we have for you:
➡organic banana peel 🍌 fertilizer
➡citrus peels 🍊 organic fertilizer
➡how to use coffee grounds ☕ as fertilizer
➡homemade fertilizer with ash
➡simple liquid fertilizer with sugar 🍬
➡miracle grow fertilizer with yeast
➡tea 🍵 homemade fertilizer
➡how to make fertilizer with succinic acid

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00:02 – organic banana peel fertilizer
00:45 – citrus peels organic fertilizer
01:19 – how to use coffee grounds as fertilizer
01:29 – homemade fertilizer with ash
01:48 – simple liquid fertilizer with sugar
02:09 – miracle grow fertilizer with yeast
02:47 – tea homemade fertilizer
03:15 – how to make fertilizer with succinic acid
#fabiosacreator #fabiosa #fabiosalifehacks
Watch 👀more:
How to make
Planting hacks at home
Clothing hacks
Top 8 homemade organic fertilizers to help your plants grow | Gardening
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4 tips to keep your plants healthy!

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1) Milk
Milk Water

Mix stale milk with a little water and pour it into a plant as fertilizer.

2 Bicarbonate

Sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda on a plant as fertilizer.

3) Yeast
Yeast Water

Mix yeast with water and pour it into a plant as a fertilizer.

4) Potato
Potato Water

Peel some potatoes and cut the peel up into small pieces.
Add water and mix. Let rest for 2 days.
Mash the potato peel with your hands to extract the starch.
Strain the potato water and use it to water plants.


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6 Popular Medicinal Plants & Herbs

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Hey guys in this video we count down 7 popularly used medicinal herbs and plants that can be found in the United States, across the world, or in your lawn and garden. There are thousands of plants with medicinal uses dating back thousands of years so this list is by no means exhaustive, but covers plants that are still popular today.

From the common cold, flu epidemics, Dengue Fever, Malaria, pain, deep cuts and even toilet paper these plants have got you covered and are easy to find online and grow at home. One is even considered a nuisance weed in lawns and gardens.

These plants are also backed by science with more and more studies being done on them all the time to further test historical uses. Some of the plants include Echinacea or Coneflower, Boneset, Red Clover, and Yarrow.

I thank you guys for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you learned something. If you want to learn more about edible or medicinal plants make sure to subscribe!

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Medicinal herbs are a great way to support your health at home, but what herbs should you grow?Never miss a new video! Subscribe to our channel to be notified whenever we publish a new video!
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Learning to support your family’s health by growing medicinal herbs at home is a fantastic way to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on over-the-counter medicines.

Here are the 15 medicinal herbs we recommend planting and why. Be sure to check out the blog post for photos of each plant and a full list of their remedies and uses:

– Peppermint
– Calendula
– Bee Balm (Bergamot)
– Lemon Balm
– Tulsi (Holy Basil)
– Echinacea
– Elecampane
– Sage
– Oregano
– Garlic
– Horseradish
– Marshmallow or Hollyhock
– Yarrow
– Chamomile
– Dill

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– Permaculture for Your Homestead- PDF download that is an introduction to permaculture with some strategies for applying it to one’s homestead and garden.
– Carolyn’s Cottage Garden herb list- PDF with Carolyn’s favorite herbs for growing at home.
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– Render Your Own Lard- PDF with instructions on how to render your own lard.
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Top 100 Best Healing Medicinal Herbs, Spices And Plants Names, Health Benefits And Medicinal Uses

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List of Top 100 Most Powerful Medicinal Herbs, Spices & Plants Names,Their Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses.
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You can get any of these herbs in supplement form via Amazon at
These herbs are effective for treating all sort of medical conditions and diseases.

This video highlights World’s most powerful herbs with medicinal value and what they are used for.

Cloves have analgesic properties and great for treating pains and vomiting.

Due to its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, calendula is used for pain relief.

The elderberry flower has antiviral properties which enable it to fight infections like colds and fever.

This herbal root helps in relieving pains and for reducing anxiety.

Lavender has a soothing effect that makes it a major ingredient in cosmetic products. Moreover, the oil can be used for relieving body aches.

Aloe vera.
Aloe vera is a major component of many skin care products. It can be used for treating skin conditions like sunburns and zits. It can also be used for relieving constipation.

Chasteberry is a common herb used by women having PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome). It is used in relieving the associated symptoms.

Garlic has strong antimicrobial properties that make it good in the treatment of colds and flu. In addition, it can be used as a soothing remedy for stress and anxiety due to its calming potential.

Dandelion tea is a common remedy for stress relief and constipation. The dandelion is also effective in the treatment of inflammations and diabetes.

Inhaling peppermint oil or using it to massage aching joints helps to reduce stress and to bring relief.

Drinking boiled water mixed with nettle leaves is a natural way of relieving constipation.

Ginger is used for treating vomiting and ginger tea helps to warm up the body during colds.

Cayenne pepper is a common kitchen ingredient for the treatment of aches and arthritis.

This herb can be used as a mild sedative and for treating bloating.

Turmeric contains a chemical substance, curcumin, which gives the herb antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for relieving pains.

This medicinal plant is used as a first aid to stop bleeding associated with cuts and bruises.

Ensure you watch this video in full to learn more about these 100 herbs and their medicinal uses.

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